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Meet People with same Interest

Be a part of a community that make you feel like a family as though we are a part of something greater than ourselves. This give you opportunities to connect with people, to reach for your goals, and it makes you feel relaxed, focused and happy.

User Profiles

User profile contains all of the information which is associated to you. Information like your full name, D.O.B , your gender, your display picture.


Forum is a way to exchange your ideas and views on a particular topic. At OurComm you can share your views on Spirituality and Physical Health.


Avoid exchanging phone numbers and simply send a message to your friends, even if you are far from them.By OurComm enjoy the finest text messaging.


Events are social gathering occasion that can be important.Get updates on a upcoming Spirituality and Mental Health,and attend them physically or virtually.

Likes & Comments

Like any picture or a video of your close one and comment something good on that, so they can feel good. Like and comment can make someone very happy.

News Feed

In simple words your news feed is a personalized collection of photos, and videos can be related to your interest shared by your close one or group.

Friends & Groups

You can find many people and groups who are more into Meditation,Physical Health or Spirituality and share thoughts, and schedule or attend events.


Grab your favourite wellness products at OurComm. Here you will find many products which helps you mentally and physically.

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Our Mission is to enhance well-being by look into the relationship between Spirituality and Health.

Upcoming Events

Be a part of some of the best spiritual events hosted by the brilliant professionals to keep you motivated and relaxed.

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Every part of the OurComm process makes you feel personal and our support team is always happy to assist you.

Featured Blogs

Get in-depth knowledge about holistic way of living and find inspiration to bring positivity within yourself

How to Practice Music With Meditation

Music can work wonders in managing stress and maintaining your overall health. Listening to music while meditating helps you improve your concentration and decision-making process,

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